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High Speed PP Non Woven Fabric Making Machine compact construction 0 - 250m/min

High Speed PP Non Woven Fabric Making Machine compact construction 0 - 250m/min

  • High Light

    non woven production line


    spunbonded non woven production line

  • Model
  • Width
    1.6m / 2.4m / 3.2m
  • Speed
  • Fabric GSM
    10~250 G
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
    ONL-1600SS ONL-2400SS ONL-3200SS
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 SET
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Wooden case; carton
  • Delivery Time
    150-180 days
  • Payment Terms
    T/T,L/C at sight
  • Supply Ability
    20 set/month

High Speed PP Non Woven Fabric Making Machine compact construction 0 - 250m/min


High Speed Non Woven Fabric Production Line compact construction




1)It is featured by lower investment, compact construction, small area, simple production technology, simple operation, saving of labor and widely compatibility and so on. 
The equipment produces non-woven fabric with polypropylene(PP), adopts the technology of formating the web by negative pressure, make into PP spun-bonded non-woven fabric, the product is featured by uniform cover, great intensity, good ventilation and good feeling and so on. It has been in wide use in medical clothes, package and architecture and so on. 

2)The lower investment can reduce some unnecessary additional auxiliary facilities, and under the conditions of guaranteeing the technology requirement and safe production, can reduce the cost of the manufacture, so that we can reduce the investment lower. 

3)Its easy and reliable to making technics adjustment, the line adopts the method of computer controlling assistant systems combines with human control to make the technics adjustment become more easier and reliable, and the machine can adapt to different raw materials to gain more widely usage. 

4)The requirement of the workshop and equipment is very simple, it reduces the fixed assets investment, and efficiently take the advantage of the room of the platform, and enlarge the utilization of the workshop and the steel platform. 

5)More specialty in processing the main equipment increasing the procession precious and capacity of the machine, this reduces the manufacture cost and to undertake the quality of the product more well.



Parts Of PP Non Woven Fabric Equipment :


Recycle extruder---->Main extruder---->Filter---->Metering pump---->Monomer suction device--->Spinning box---->Quenching air chamber---->Stretching device---->Web former---->Calender---->Winder---->Slitter


Spun-Laid Process And Technical Flow Chart:


Additive(Recycling offcut fabric)---->Raw material---->Melting---->Filtering---->Measuring ---->Spinning---->Cooling---->Stretching---->Web forming---->Calendering---->Winding----> Cutting---->Final product




Model No. ONL-1600SS ONL-2400SS ONL-3200SS
Working Width 1600mm 2400mm 3200mm
Fabric GSM 15~250 15~250 10~250
Power Input 300KVA 350KVA 400KVA
Consumption 200KW 250KW 300KW
Annual Output 3000T 4800T 6000T
Embossing Pattern Diamond, Oval,Cross,Line
Fineness 1.5~2.5dtex




  • Medical Protect

        Surgical gown&cap, patient clothes, bed sheet, pillow covers, face mask, glover, diaper, Shoe cover, curtains, etc.


  • Sanitary and Health

        Baby diaper, feminine hygiene, hygiene pad, baby training trouser, incontinence pads. etc. Cover of the high absorbent material after hydrophilic treatment, diaper edge for preventing Leaking. Diaper backing after composite with other material etc


  • Packing and Industry

       Shopping bag, tarpauins, tents, bag for rice/sugar, luggage, vacuum cleaner bag, buff pad, Interlining and cloth, shoulder padding etc.


  • Argriculture:

        Cover tree, cope cover, garden cover etc.



High Speed PP Non Woven Fabric Making Machine compact construction 0 - 250m/min 0